Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 2 - The Road to $3,000 A Month

1)Well today I started out reading some more of Influence the book I got yesterday, I usually am not a reader but this books is interesting.

2)I went and browsed WA forums and was looking for a Keyword/niche finder and I heard some good things about Micro Niche Finder so I ended up purchasing it. I tried Micro Niche Finder and it's really helpful, you put in a basic "pre" word and it gives you recent searches that people have search so you can see what people are looking for. Very cool, and I think it will be helpful in achieving my goal.

3)I read a bit more of Influence the book pages 7-13 or so. I'm still shocked at the amazing content coming from it.

4)I watch a lot of random videos online about marketing just to see what others are doing and such, learned some good things.

5)One of the owner of WA came out with a new product today and made a post in the forum. He offers like 75% commission so I jumped on it and bought a new domain name and started a campaign. I still haven't finished too much of the keywords which I will try and work on a bit tomorrow. Wish me luck with it!...

PS... Tomorrow I'm going to be out of town so probably not going to do much work, maybe some reading. Then Sunday is my girlfriends grandfathers memorial so I won't be doing much either.

So until monday!

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