Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Start - Affiliate Marketing - The Road to 3,000$ A Month

Hey all, my names Brett and I've just recently got into Affiliate Marketing Online. I'm 21 years old and live in California. I'm creating this blog to push my self to work my butt off to start making some real cash at Affiliate Marketing. I think this will help me as I progress and start learning more and more. I'm going to attempt to post everyday with exactly what I did(ie; researched, read articles, watch videos, created a new campaign, wrote articles, blah blah blah) and what I learned. As of today Thursday May 1, I am unemployed, one of my goals is to be making enough cash to get by without having to find another job! With that goal achieved I know I will be able to grow from there and achieve my final goal for this blog... earning 3,000$ a month.

This Blog is mostly for personal use to keep motivated and make notes, but I would love for others to follow OR join me on this mission. I'm always open to new ideas and advice so never be afraid to speak up!

So lets get started! 3,000$ here I come!


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