Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 6 - The Road To $3,000 A Month

Well I still havn't got anymore sales unfortunately but I have added some new keywords so we will see how it goes the next day.

1) Read Some More at the gym

2)Did alot of keyword research for a new campaign I just started with Micro Niche Finder and got some good keywords.

3) Also today was WA they came out with an update and its amazing!!! Its called Rapid Writer, you can see a preview of Rapid Writer here. It is amazing for Bum Marketing (bum marketing is pretty much writing articles to get published on google and get high ranking and get free advertisement for your products), it really minimizes the time involved.

So Thats it for today! Cheers to All!

ps. if you interested in wealthy affiliate but your still not sure, check out this wealthy affiliate review


Sunny said...

I love Rapid Writer. It's where I store all my articles for different campaigns I am using.

Don't have to worry if my computer has it's semi-annually crash, as everything is stored at WA.


Steve said...

WA is a nice affiliate teaching progrm

Would recommend wealthy affiliate to anyone.

iskandarX said...

What A nice Blog posting. Nice work buddy. Keep it up.

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